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“To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven


Hi! We are the Ardora Trio.

We are a classical chamber group typically referred to as a piano trio, which is comprised of violin, cello and piano. We think some of the greatest music of all time has been written for this combination and can't wait to share them with you. 

Our name comes from the word "ardor" for passion and "Raleigh." This trio is a passion project for us and our goal is to connect with you, our audience! We want to give audiences the space and time to enjoy beautiful music the way it was meant to be enjoyed, in a live setting. Our goal is for you to leave with the feeling that something mattered while listening to one of our concerts.  
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Jessica Ryou, violinist
Sean Hawthorne, cellist
Jean Park, pianist

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